Welcome to Roadtrippers

The only travel brand that will bring you stories and content that inspire, backed up with all the tools you need to get out and explore — all in one place. Not just online.

In the real world.


We believe you’re always just five minutes away from something interesting.

We’re not a boring travel brand, and we’re certainly not a traditional mediacompany. We’re a 21st-century, living-in-the-future tech powerhouse meets an offbeat, weird, and wonderful lifestyle brand that is constantly out searching for what’s just off the road.

In an age where brands are seen as badges that support ideals and image, regardless of price, where experiences are more important than possessions, Roadtrippers is a partner like no other.

What Can We Offer?

Unlike standard digital media outlets, we’re the only brand out there that will give our users the inspiration through our content and tools they need to get off of their computers and to you.  In the real world.

We won’t waste your time trying to develop an artificial experience to fit your brand. Because we are experiential. It’s not just a buzzword. It’s in our very nature. Our community of 17 million travelers planned 2,355,264 trips last year, and there are an average of 100,000 users actively reading, planning trips, and exploring each and every single day.