Exploration is a state of mind

Roadtrippers' mission is to help travelers explore amazing, new, and interesting places every day - whether it’s planning the next big trip, scouting and sharing somewhere for the weekend, or simply watching a video about a fascinating place.

 It's all exploration. And it’s all important to us.

we reach 20 million active travelers* that are curious about where to go,
what to do, and who is coming along for the ride

*2016 total unique users. Source: Google Analytics

why roadtrippers?

Because if Pee Wee Herman, Bill Nye, and Ashton Kutcher are all fans..  shouldn't you be?

our audience

Each month over 2 Million travelers turn to Roadtrippers.com looking for inspiration on things to do and places to go.  Each user on average spends up to 4mins wondering whether or not to visit the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, or trying to figure what Carhenge is all about.

We help create memories and experiences that will last a lifetime, and beyond.  With 7.6 billion miles of road trips planned... 

  • We've clocked up enough miles to reach Mars and back 112 times.
  • At 60 MPH, that trip would last 14,517 years - not including pee breaks!
  • In other words, we are talking 3,052,054,080 repeats of Willie Nelson's “On the Road Again”

Or, if you prefer more traditional numbers, that's 168 million pageviews, over 23 million sessions from 17 million users in 2016

A partnership with Roadtrippers will put you at the very heart of the experience.  Let's make you part of the conversation...